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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joan Rivers - A Piece of (Plastic Surgery) Work

Joan Rivers has released a new documentary on her life, titled A Piece of Work. It has garnered rave reviews from every media outlet I've read, including Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and even Howard Stern. I've not seen it yet, but everything I hear is really good. Regarding her plastic surgery, though, she's a bit matter-of-fact.

"When I went into doing this film I thought, 'God, if I can just crack why she got all the plastic surgery.' That was the fascination I had," said co-director Stern. "But she's so matter of fact about it that it's almost boring. The answer is, 'I feel I look better with the surgery. I feel I look good at 77. If it makes you feel good, do it.'" (from the LA Times)

I'm not a huge Joan Rivers fan, but I admire the fact that at 77, she remains a completely relevant figure in entertainment. While countless others have come and gone, Joan is still plugging away. She was also kind enough to utilize me as a contributor to her plastic surgery-related book, Men Are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs. While her plastic surgery is definitely overdone, who cares? She's doing great!

For more of Joan's comments on plastic surgery, click here.

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8_T_8 said...

I saw Joan Rivers’ documentary this weekend, and it really surprised me. It was a much more intelligent film than I ever would have guessed, and I was blown away by their depiction of a life in showbiz.

MAS said...

I agree totally! It IS amazing that Joan is still an influence in her industry at 77... whether you love her or hate her, you gotta respect that. Plus, for whatever reason, she looks less like a plastic surgery nightmare lately. I guess the natural aging process is counteracting all the overdone work she's had and finally coming to a nice balance between being pulled too tight and sagging :)

Thanks for another great post Dr Youn!

SmartLipo said...

Good for her!:) I like how she said that "If it makes you feel good, do it." Very encouraging to those who've always wanted plastic surgery but are held back by their fears. She's great at her age.

Anonymous said...

So many people criticize Rivers but I think she's fabulous, and her plastic surgery doesn't look so bad either. I'm glad other people still love her. I want to see the film. Thanks for the reminder!