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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Madonna To Undergo $200,000 Worth of Plastic Surgery?

Is the Material Girl planning to transform herself into plastic? According to

“Madonna has been feeling her age since her divorce from Guy Ritchie in 2008,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.
“She’s been dating the model Jesus Luz who is a lot younger than her and she wants to keep looking her best...Her friends have recommended things to have done and she’s considering them as a little treat for turning 52 in August... She wants things to look natural with nothing too radical... She’s still working out seven days a week and because she’s so skinny she feels her cleavage has gone. So her friends think she should go up one size and get them lifted...She’s got some spider veins on her legs that have come with age so she’s planning to get those sorted first and then will spend the next year overhauling herself completely.”

So what do you think Madonna can have that would add up to $200,000? Let's fancy a guess:

1. Revision Facelift: $10,000

2. Facial Fat Grafting: $5000

3. Fractional Laser Treatments: $4000

4. Breast implant revision: $10,000

5. Body skin tightening treatments, such as the Cutera Titan: $4000

6. Spider vein treatments: $2000

7. Botox: $500

8. Filler injections like Perlane: $1000

Wow. We're only at $36,000. What else can she possibly consider? Now we get into the weird and completely unnecessary stuff: 9. Endoscopic browlift: $8000. 10. Revision blepharoplasty: $5000. 11. Laser liposuction to sweat glands of the armpits: $5000. 12. Hand plumping injections: $4000. 13. Batwing reduction: $10,000. 14. Mini tummy tuck: $7000. 15. Designer laser vaginoplasty (yes, some docs actually call it that!): $7000? (My wild guess). 16. Fat injections to buttocks: $10,000. 17. Full body laser hair removal: $8000.

All of this only adds up to $100,000. To get to $200,000, I guess we'll have to add some really crazy things like: 18: Rib removal to thin the torso: $20,000. 19. Leg breaking and lengthening to add an inch of height (we get shorter as we age, you know): $30,000. 20. Second Toe Shortening: $10,000. And a few minor ones: 21. Restylane injections to the feet to help with high heels (check out my CBS Early Show clip on this) $2000. 22. Earlobe shortening: $1000. 23. Injections of her own plasma to her face: $4000. and finally the most bizarre: 24. Creation of wings: $33,000+. TOTAL: $200,000.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Madonna. You need to stop! I don't think she can, unfortunately.

DARIAN ZAM said...

"She wants things to look natural with nothing too radical..."

Didn't that fly out the window and away a long time ago?

Anonymous said...

Whatever she does, I just hope she doesn't do something crazy like Hang Mioku, the Korean starlet addicted to plastic surgery!!

Anonymous said...

I can only feel pity for someone so obviously insecure and self-absorbed.

Antonia Rosina said...

First, that newspaper has a lot of Enquirer like articles so I'd take this with a large pinch of salt. Madonna's had enough surgery already and should now let herself age "naturally" or she'll look too much like Joan Rivers.

SmartLipo said...

I hope she'll stop with all those plastic surgeries. But the question is, can she? With all the money in the world available at her disposal, I doubt it. I just hope she'll get the best surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Does Madonna have cheek implants? I hate those things!

just_fan said...

Wow, didnt know plastic surgery is actually that affordable, except for the revision surgeries which is like costing a bomb!

I guess if Lady M did pay 200K for her overhaul, then she's a dumbass for getting ripped-off big time. Which is saying a lot for a smart lady like her..

I think with her cashflow, a healthy lifestyle and lotsa love from her babies would be enough, but hey, who am I to tell a legend to spend her money on changing her body image (which would eventually leading to her kids doing the same thing)..

Madonna, we still love u. Stay true..