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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael Douglas - Plastic Surgery?

Has Michael Douglas had plastic surgery? There are some (in)famous photos which do show what appears to be a facelift, however what else has been done? In my opinion, the big thing that stands out is how wide open his eyes are. The above photo is from his Wall Street days, while the below photo is very recent. It looks as though he's either had an upper blepharoplasty or an endoscopic browlift. I would bet on the former, but he may also have had both I suppose. The reason his neckline continues to sag, even with a possible facelift, is because the skin of most 63 year old men with a history of sun damage does not have the strength to hold up as long as some women's. The skin can tend to sag again somewhat quickly. Unfortunately, I see this in some of my older male facelift patients as well.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he looks as good as he does and I'm glad he got rid of those odd ball-like jowl thingies.

I'd say, though,that now he needs a subtle hint of brow and eyelash color

Anonymous said...

does skin lasering or retina or both help with the skin sagging problem after a face lift?
ive always been a big fan of michael douglas and think he still looks pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Michael Douglas's scary open eyes have the same appearance as Al Pacino's did after his cosmetic surgery. It's very unnatractive. Perhaps it's less obvious in women because of eye makeup, you know, eye liner and shadow and mascara can give greater depth so the eye doesn't look as if it's popping out.

Mr. Douglas's wife is appearing in many print ads and she looks like a teenager. Great plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't have anything to do with Micheal Douglas.. Didn't know where to post this so I just stuck it on todays blog.

I have a deviated septum and I want to get it fixed but have a few questions.

What is the ‘typical cost’?
How long of a procedure and recovery time would be involved?
What type of procedure would this require?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Anons - Skin lasering may slightly help with residual loose skin after a facelift, but not nearly to the extent of repeating the lift.
I do not routinely perform septoplasty surgery. If you call my office, they can refer you to good surgeons in my area who do it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with marguerite about him needing some color around his eyes. Maybe some subtle semi-permanent eye liner tattoo of medium brown so it doesn't look girly. He also need to dye his hair to a medium golden brown, leaving some gray here and there for reality.

Anonymous said...

Could it just be the lighting that makes the second image "wider"-eyed? The first image is saturated and darker and the second image is the result of direct flash which opens up more shadow areas unlike that of the first image.

Anonymous said...

I think these gentlemen should think twice before having blepharoplasties.

I can remember how disappointed I was when Jack Lemmon did it. He didn't look like himself anymore. He'd had sorta loose lids for decades, and was quite attractive. Not everyone looks good tucked up like that.

I can understand trying to get rid of jowls, but older people look stupid with tightened eye lids. Some actually look sickly.