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Monday, September 29, 2008

Does Jennifer Garner Enhance Her Lips?

I always thought Jennifer Garner's lips were naturally large, like Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. I guess I was wrong. Check out this post on Awful Plastic Surgery. Maybe she enhances her lips with Restylane or Juvederm to help cover up a gummy smile? Whatever it is, her plastic surgeon does a nice job.

Next thing I'll find out is that Ben Affleck has pec implants!

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Kim said...

Oooh, while your looking into Ben, can you please have a look at the
"hot" wiggle Anthony Field? I can't tell whether he has had a makeover, weight loss and his teeth done or other work. Would love your opinion. It would settle a big dispute at my moms group! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very good job by her Doctor

marly silk artist said...

Jennifer Garner's mouth looks lovely so it's certainly an elegant improvement over her previous unattractive gummy smile. It's subtle work like this that will keep the cash registers ringing for plastic surgeons.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who had collagen injections in her lips eleven years ago and the distortions have never disappeared. I assumed that injectible materials dissipated over time. Now I'm wondering about the various newer materials.

I'd hate to end up looking like the late Elaine Young with those lumps of silicone in her face. That was frightening.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Send me some before and afters and I'll take a look at it.

darian zam said...

I think that Awful Plastic Surgery is a fun site - but a bit dodgy - it seems based a little more on hearsay than fact and sometimes I just can't see what the moderator is talking about in photos when he points something out, almost like he hasn't really looked at the photo properly and is just reading into it rumours he's heard - wishful thinking almost. Point in case with the post on Delta Goodrem. I cannot see any of the facial alterations he refers to and I actually doubt she has had them. What I HAVE heard from someone in the industry that knew her when she started out, was that she was flat as a board and had breast implants. Since they are still a petite size, coupled with the fact that not many women in Australia get this procedure compared to ther countries, it's not really widespread or accepted, no-one has noticed or questioned her enhancement publicly.