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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kate Gosselin's Breasts: "These Breasts Are All Mine"

Kate Gosselin's appearance in a bikini has some questioning whether she has breast implants in addition to the tummy tuck she admitted to having. According to, Kate has responded to questions regarding breast implants with:

"These breasts are all mine."

So does she have breast implants? I think so. It is unusual for a woman to have given birth to eight children, undergone a tummy tuck, and slimmed down to a tiny size, yet still retain natural, perky, firm, round, and large breasts. Usually when the tummy droops, so do the breasts, although often to a lesser extent. My last quote to

Youn quipped that either way, Kate's 'no surgery' claim is accurate: "They are all hers because once she pays for them they are all hers. I've never taken back any patient's implants."

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha ... I have scrutinized all of the photos on Radar Online, and I really do believe that her breasts are natural. I think that blue bikini top is heavily cantilevered and padded. The bikini tops she's wearing in the other recent photos don't have so much padding and her breasts look natural. I can do the same thing with my breasts, I have natural C's but I've got a good amount of sag, with the right bra or bikini top they look super perky.

Anonymous said...

Dr Youn, I'm watching Rachel Ray and just want to say that I think she should use you exclusively as her plastic/cosmetic surgery guest. I'm sure the doctors she has on today are perfectly competent, but they are not nearly as good on TV as you are. Also, I didn't appreciate their rather outrageous claims about what can be done for various problems. In particular the comment that with just a few laser treatments telangectasias can be completely removed. They failed to mention that such treatments are often temporary.

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

lolol! Love the last part...