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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kim Kardashian Gets Botox! And Has A Bad Reaction Afterwards!

Kim Kardashian has allowed the E! cameras to follow her on an appointment to get Botox. While the procedure appears to go well, she unfortunately suffers from a reaction while at a restaurant afterwards. What could this be from?

There are many possibilities. She could be allergic to the Botox although this is very rare. In fact, my office treats at least 50 Botox or Dysport patients each month, and I've never seen an actual allergic reaction. It could also be due to bruising and swelling causing her discomfort. Finally, and the most likely, maybe she's just a drama queen.

To read a CBS News report on this subject (with my comments), click here.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this episode and I was rolling my eyes while she pretended to be a procedure virgin. Let's see, she's had a nose job, boob job, lipo, laser hair removal, lip injections, and who knows what else ... and she's whining about Botox injections??? I usually have little bruise marks at the injection sites, nothing horrible. Like her doctor told her, just wear some sunglasses for a while.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't have had anything if Christina would have done it! Not even one little tiny red needle prick! =]