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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cameron Diaz against plastic surgery?

News agencies are reporting that actress Cameron Diaz has come out against plastic surgery with the following statement:

Have you seen those shows where ordinary people want to look like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt? What on Earth possesses them to want to destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well, it's sick," Diaz was quoted as saying in Britain's Daily Express. "I would never have anything done. I think beauty comes from the inside. When I see women who have had plastic surgery I find it unnerving. All I can see is the surgery. The person who has had it has vanished. I don't want to look like that."

After the publicity regarding her recent septoplasty and possible rhinoplasty this statement comes out as somewhat hypocritical. I agree with her on the sleeze factor of the MTV show "I Want a Famous Face," however it is easy for someone who has been voted one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People to say that she would never have anything done.

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Ada said...

Didn't Diaz get surgery for her deviated septum? She still looks the same. I don't see anything hypocritical about that.

Anonymous said...

I was watching my favorite junk tv show, Entertainment Tonight, and Tina Louise was commenting on the fact that she concentrates on her inner beauty.

Why don't these reconstructed celebrities either tell the truth (not likely) or just keep their augmented mouths shut?

ophtho resident said...

Don't really find her hypocritical actually. She has broken her nose several times and therefore I would consider her original rhinoplasty as reconstructive in the first place, and the septoplasty to correct the original rhinoplasty. She has a great natural body which she works very hard to achieve. She doesn't knock plastic surgery in its entirety but is voicing a dislike of/unease with purely cosmetic, non-medically indicated, non-reconstructive plastic surgery, which the general public usually equates with the term "plastic surgery." Despite that only being a very narrow component of plastic surgery as a discipline

Anonymous said...

I belive that she had cheek implants as well

Please check out some footage of her at the Academy Awards show ... every time she smiled or laughed , they really seemed to pop out of her face

raincoaster said...

Hard to say: she's always been pretty cheekbonealicious. What girlfriend really needs is something for acne scars; have you SEEN her skin?

But no, she does not concentrate on inner beauty. She did a photoshoot for one of the magazines I read and apologized to the photographer for the fact that she'd eaten a sandwich first and might look "bloated." A sandwich, for god's sake.

She's right that to get surgery to look like someone other than yourself is crazy. I mean, identity and surgery are already a fraught issue.

Anonymous said...

come on ! you can definately see a difference in her nose, Only from a certain angle granted, and a angle I'm sure she was very concious not to show us.
but if she hadn't had it done she would have become a very flat faced Old Woman!
I'm sure she knew that, and in my opinion thats a cosmetic reason.

I hate it when beautful people knock surgery, how can they know what its like to feel ordinary?

Plastic Surgery Photos said...

one day they're having a bulk of surgery procedures and the other day they say "im against plastic surgery" and this cycle continues as long as they all have money in their bank account.

Alfredo said...

That´s the way actress think...



Anonymous said...

I don't find her remarks at all hypocritical. She had surgery for health reasons (breaking her nose about 4 times and not being able to breathe correctly). That's alot different than why most people have plastic surgery.

Jamieson Dale said...

"The person who has had [plastic surgery] has vanished."

I find this statement to be heartrendingly relevant to myself. I believe that I-- the self with whom I grew up-- died with my last procedure. That girl in the "Before" photo? Gone forever.

Jamieson Dale