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Friday, May 18, 2007


Adult film star Maxi Mounds is the world record holder for the largest breast implants according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Her measurements are 42-26-36, and her breasts weigh 20 pounds each. According to Make Me

Maxi’s breasts were augmented with string breast implants (polypropylene breast implants), which are implants that continue to grow after being implanted in the patient. Typically used by women who want to grow their breasts to a monstrous size, the implants are made of polypropylene which is a synthetic material that expands upon absorbing fluid in the body. String breast implants are typically used only by women in the adult industry and are not FDA approved and not available in the United States.

This is insane. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff in this line of work, but so far this takes the cake. And you thought Pam Anderson was big!

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Anonymous said...

No way her waist is 26 inches.

Dog Clothing & Dog Collars said...

36" of waist would make more sense. Also it sounds like her implants can be recycled later as they are made of PP.

Anonymous said...

ouchies my wouchies.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

I'm just imagining what a disaster you'd have trying to deal with her skin after explantation.

raincoaster said...

Well you could probably sell it to Prada to make a couple of hobo bags with, come to think of it.

Her waist and hip measurements are obviously false, but there's no question she's got the monster gazongas. Gee, I thought Chesty Morgan was freaky, but that was nothing!

Diana Coronado said...

That's scary

Nice blog

Silver... said...

Grotesque. m not american but havent seen ny country other than USA where women r so objectified, sexualised in every which way! & such levels of insecurity about physicality! disturbing. Every second girl i met there have had some body part tampered. Will become a country with very few women boasting of original part. scary levels of exhibitionism.

chesty morgan said...