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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spider in your ear!

Great story I found on

In Oregon, the lines between doctor and veterinarian were blurred when a nine-year-old boy visited Dr. David Irvine complaining of an earache. He said he heard 'rice krispie' sounds in his ear. After irrigating the ear with fluid, some spiders came out. "It was the only time I ever pulled out an invertebrate,"said Dr. Irvine.

That is nasty. This reminds me of a call I once received. A woman asked me for advice after suffering a poisonous spider bite to her face. This caused her cheek to have a big divot. She said she spent a night in a Motel 6 in Flint, Michigan and woke up with a brown recluse spider on her face, repeatedly biting her. The brown recluse spider is a poisonous spider whose toxin causes living tissue to die, hence the divot. No more Motel 6 for me!

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Ada said...

I heard this story, so gross. The similar one you recalled reminds me of a story I read as a child in a collection called "Scary Stories": a girl had a boil on her cheek that turned out to be a spider egg sac! *shudders*. I was creeped out by room for days; my house is about 13 years old and we have spiders in the corners!

Anonymous said...

Not every bite by a brown recluse produces a "divot", and unfortunately, here in the South, they are very common in homes... they are called recluses for a reason and do not seek you out to eat your flesh! You could probably find one in any hotel- especially if the room wasn't well-lit or was vacant for a period.

raincoaster said...

That kid was amazing, though. He kept the spider and took it to school to show around. I would have doused it in kerosene and burnt it.

Anonymous said...

Not as bad as having a cockroach scratching around your ear canal. It nearly drove my crazy until finally the disgusting creature FLEW out of my ear. That is an experience I will never forget. Life is good Dow Nunder!

Anonymous said...

I remember a former coworker telling a story about a roach in her ear, and the doctor flushing it out.

Years later, when I was nursing at a fair sized hospital, I felt and heard that 'rice crispie' sound in my ear. I immediately remembered my coworker's story, and called the ER to see if they were busy.

Luckily, it was one of the few slower nights in the ER. At first the ER doc thought I might be trying to get a 'free pass home'. But he looked in my ear really good, and to appease me rinsed it out quite a few times.

Then he gave me a prescription for antibiotics. My ear problem went away after a few days on antibiotics LOL. My coworkers that night said they were shocked at how freaked out I got, but ewww I still shudder about thinking it might have been a bug in there!