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Monday, May 21, 2007

Maxim Magazine Hot 100 of 2007

Maxim Magazine has unveiled their Hot 100 for 2007. Here are the top ten, and the "have they or haven't they regarding plastic surgery" (my opinions, of course):

10: Fergie - Rhinoplasty and possible endoscopic browlift. See previous post.
9: Eva Longoria - People seem to either love her or hate her. I think she is gorgeous. No obvious plastic surgery that I can see. Possibly some Restylane in her lips?
8: Rihanna - Doubt it. Too young.
7: Eva Mendes - Nothing obvious. She has come out against plastic surgery. See link.
6. Ali Larter - Not obvious. She has thin lips which don't look unnaturally augmented. Maybe some Botox in her forehead?
5. Jessica Biel - Her lips do appear to be augmented. Possibly with a permanent implant? See link.
4. Christina Aguilera - I'm a big fan of hers. She does appear to have had a breast augmentation and possible rhinoplasty, but who cares? She looks great and has a fantastic voice.
3. Scarlett Johansson - She has come out as being someone who would consider plastic surgery. See link. I like her. Her lips appear to be natural.
2. Jessica Alba - Hard to say. I think she may still be all natural.
1. Lindsay Lohan - She's number one? Ay caramba. She appears to have had her lips augmented on more than one occasion, and a breast augmentation seems likely given her recent rapid size enlargement. I've posted on her a couple times. See link.

What do you all think?

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Anonymous said...

Eva Mendes? No surgery?

Rent "A Night At the Roxbury" and look for her old nose...

raincoaster said...

Lohan's an interesting case. When she was very young, it appeared that she had breast implants (see Herbie Fully Loaded). Then she had some kind of medical emergency and when she emerged to public view weeks later she was looking much thinner, and with essentially no boobs at all. That's the period of pic of her in the black bikini. Then after a few months of that she regained a little weight and suddenly had the boobage again, out of all apparent proportion to the weight regain.

I'm wondering if she didn't have the original implants removed because of a bad reaction (allergies?) and then replaced once she was healthier. It would account for a lot.

Anonymous said...

Eva Longoria has had a nose job - obvious when you look at school pictures.

rose said...

Lohan, Johansson, and Biel have all had nose jobs. So... that means 7 out of 10 of the hottest ladies are post-rhinoplasty. This amuses me.

Anonymous said...

if you look at this teenage picture of Jessica and Scarlett, they've definitely had their noses done.

ophtho resident said...

Johansson definitely had rhinoplasty.
Can google to find before and afters. Although I agree her lips are natural.

Biel definitely had her nose done as well (and not well, i might add, unlike Scarlett's pretty rhinoplasty outcome). Agree with you on the lips.

Also agree with the person who wrote that Lindsay L had implants when she was young, then had them taken out (black bikini skinny pics), then had them put back in (currently the case). She also has definitely had at least one rhinoplasty, as evidenced by looking at her younger pics which display a previously wider bridge.

Your friend said...

Jessica Alba says it's the celebrities agent/publicist that pays magazines to get a higher ranking in these kinds of list.
It's all about the money - Nothing about the beauty....

Anonymous said...

ScarJo has had a breast augmentation for sure. If you've ever seen the bikini shots -- her breasts - despite being at least a C cup defy gravity. Thereis no natural "drop" under the breast.

The Blog Whore said...

I think Lindsay's boobs are real.

They come and go with her weight gains and losses.

I don't think she's had anything done.

Although soon, she'll need the inside of her nose rebuilt... all that cocaine snorting.

You have a great blog.

"Celebrity Rant"

Anonymous said...

no way that LL's boobs are real. No way.
Black bikini skinny pics to current pics: she's more or less the same degree of skinniness, give or take 5-10 lbs, and yet in the later pics, her breasts are several cup sizes bigger. You don't selectively go from A to D even if you do gain 10 lbs! All you need to see evidence of her boob jobs are pics of her breasts looking perfectly round and defying gravity... google images

Anonymous said...

if LLohan DID have breast implants, i want to go to her dr, because i think her breasts are PERFECT! firm, but not bolted-on-looking with some teardrop to them. her little sister is flat, though. she is only 13, but girls develop younger these days!

Anonymous said...

it is interesting you said that scarlett's lips are natural. it is her nose i would be looking at.
this is what it used to look like, and anyone up to date with current could probably see it is very different. unless light has played a trick on me.

Anonymous said...

plastic surgery scar on right breast (left in the picture):

Alfredo said...

They are all very well treated... precious...


Anonymous said...

No mention of Angelina Jolie's shave-down nose?

Anonymous said...

eva mendez was in "stuck on you" and her character admitted she'd had a boob job

Anonymous said...

Eva Mendez most def had plastic surgery. Check these pic out for youself.


As far as LL being #1 pleeeeeeese WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

By the way, I think they all had plastic surgery......

Jessica said...

I find it really surprising that an actual plastic surgeon say that Lindsay has breast implants. Have you seen the pictures from her NY mag photoshoot.

There is no way she has implants.

kelly said...

Scarlett definitely had a nose job a few years ago, it was quite bulbous before. Ali Larter is very pretty and looks pretty natural, but I think she's definitely had botox

Anonymous said...

These high school photos of Eva Longoria show what her nosed was like pre-rhinoplasty:

Anonymous said...

what?? I cannot believe that you would say LL was #1 over BIEL??
My God look at Biel she is ridiculously obvious to me!!
She is sick looking and so fake and i have always felt irked by the fact people are saying she is "hot"?
I think LL looks pretty.. real pretty- when she does her hair right. LOL
Her breasts look fine.. no matter to me and i don't see a problem with them.
If she DID have an aug. i think it was well done.. the best i have seen.
And to "bwhore" who said she will need her nose done because of the coke snorting.. that is just ridiculous.. YOU obviously know nothing about coke and i will try not to hold that against ya. haha.

verolamb said...

Yep. I saw some old school pictures of Eva Longoria and she had a totally different nose. She was definitely not as attractive.