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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sophia Loren - Plastic Surgery?

Sophia Loren was recently photographed in Rome looking a bit busty. The actress who was voted world's most naturally beautiful woman was recently written about in the Daily Mail:

Miss Loren, 72, has always denied going under the knife for a breast operation or any other cosmetic surgery.
In one interview the actress put her good looks down to "a love of life, spaghetti, and the odd bath in virgin olive oil".
In another she said: "My secret to looking young? I always have one more dream that has yet to come true. I am always looking forward to something."

As the C&C Music Factory once stated, "Things that make you go hmmm...."

Photo and story credit: Daily Mail

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4dbirds said...

This could be the work of a good bra. Sophia has always been busty, so unless she had a lift, why do implants?

Anonymous said...

Sophia Loren looks as vulgar as Paris Hilton. What a sorry way to grow older. And that wig! Oh, how sad. I used to adore her.

Cp said...

You can tell from the very round shape at the TOP of her cleavage that she did get implants. There is no way real boobs could ever do that even with a really good push-up bra. I don't think she looks so young. Being Italian myself we do have the youth look going for us, but she looks like a three day old baked potato.

Monet' said...

I think that they're fake. Even though Sophia's breasts are naturally large, she's still a mature woman. As women age, they loose elasticity and volume in their breasts. For instance, a woman can be a natural D cup. In her youth, the skin and tissue will be firm and in some cases because of that, they will appear to be smaller. But as she ages the breast tissue, skin, and muscle become weaker which causes sagging. So for most women their former D cup will appear to look like a DD or DDD. But in actuality the size of breasts haven’t changed. Not even the most expensive "Wonder Bra" can make 70+ year old boobs look that firm and plush. I'm guessing that Sophia had a breast lift and implants to give them more volume and firmness.

Anonymous said...

the least she could do is to put some make up on her chest and shoulders.her skin looks so old and with that dress it looks awful!