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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gross Story about Liposuction "Meat"balls

If you have a sensitive stomach you may wish to skip this story. It has nothing to do with celebrities but is an "odd plastic surgery story." Apparently there is an artist named Marco Everistti who recently had liposuction. He saved the liposuction fat and has made them into "meat"balls, fried them in olive oil, and canned them. According to

Evaristti’s meatballs piece consists of 13 tins of the meat on a long table, in an echo of Christ’s last supper. He says the work is about the sanctity of the body and an unhealthy modern obsession with food and weight loss.
“Firstly, I want to show people that meatballs made with my fat are no more disgusting than the meatballs you buy in the supermarket,” he said. "Secondly, it’s a dialogue with a modern society that lives to eat, rather than eating to live as it should be. You eat, and when you’re fat, you go to a clinic, have an operation, have your fat removed and you start to eat again.”
When he displayed the piece in Chile, Evaristti invited 12 people to join him in eating the meatballs in a last supper. How did they taste? “Even better than my grandmother’s,” he said.

His grandmother must be a horrible cook.

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Anonymous said...

from January,

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning. Those flaps under my arms called triceps that were firm and toned when I worked out six days a week are now floating like flags. Cut off, they'd make a terrific tortilla-like base for enchiladas. I can think of many body parts that would be quite tasty done in a crockpot. If I can really work this one out, I'll be able to give up my weight-loss diet.

CK in Florida said...

They're not "meat"balls, they're fat balls. That is one of the most disgusting things ever.

raincoaster said...

But do you know what's in commercial meat balls? He mixed the fat with ground beef and served that.

I would TOTALLY eat those, just for the ability to tell that story for the rest of my life.

Mind you, I was at a dinner party the other day and I spent the entire time talking about Chuck Pahlianuk's most revolting stories. 76 people have fainted at his readings!

goobyjow said...

Come On!!! This is a stunt!! No one could ever eat their own deep fried fat... wait... yes they could!!! What have we come to?????????????

Carolina said...

I'm Chilean and I remember this piece of news was on tv and we were all shocked because if this piece of "art" ... but the worst part of it was when the next day there was a news about someone who stole one of these disgusting cans!!!
can u believe it?!

ps: and yes, it wasn't meat, it was just fat on those cans.

T said...

Maybe if he hadn't eaten so many 'meatballs', he wouldn't have to say that meatballs from the store were "as disgusting as his fat meatballs"....