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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Did 14 Year Old Ali Lohan Get Her Lips Plumped?

Did Lindsay Lohan's 14 year old sister Ali Lohan have her lips augmented? Looks like it. This is a bit disturbing in two ways:
First, what plastic surgeon would inject lip filler into a fourteen year old girl?
Second, what mom would consent to have her fourteen year old daughter have a lip augmentation procedure?

While the risks of lip augmentation with a common filler like Restylane or Juvederm are minimal, this is a very unusual procedure to perform in a minor. I do not think it is right to perform ANY cosmetic surgery on minors, unless it is to fix a real deformity. This is not a good thing to teach our young teens. Normal sized lips are not a deformity.

The Lohan family has got some issues.

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Anonymous said...

If I was a Hollywood Pimp Mom(HPM), I certainly wouldn't buy a young teen cosmetic surgery until she corrected her posture first. Hopefully Ali's lips are plumped up by a lip swelling product. I certainly wouldn't knowingly allow a teen her age to use such a product, but it's preferable to surgery!

Health, Fitness, Science said...

She beautiful the way she is. Dont know why most of beautiful people just can't be satisfied with what they have... Thanks for sharing

Tracy said...

Ali Lohan's getting her lips plumped is really sad. She's following in her sister's footsteps..Next it's rehab...

Anonymous said...

Is anyone paying attention to Drew Barrymore's Covergirl print ads? There she is, looking lovely, with a normal lower lip and a decidedly thin upper lip. No plumping lipstick, no injectibles. Just natural elegance.

Anonymous said...

Well remember they share the same mother...Dina Lohan...who is a media whore and has always pimped her children....I sadly would not be surprised if a boob job is next!

Health and Medical Articles said...

She's 14 ? She looks 30 !
She's only a child, her body is still developing.
Her parents are doing a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

her nose looks different as well...
but maybe just because she has grown up