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Monday, March 24, 2008

Did "Dr. Jiffy Lube" Treat Priscilla Presley?

There is an interesting story from which speculates that a man posing as a cosmetic surgeon injected Priscilla Presley with industrial, low-grade silicone used in auto parts...possibly at Lionel Richie's home! According to the story:

Priscilla... went to Dr. Daniel Serrano around 2003. Serrano was a good-looking doc from Argentina who... started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox. In fact, Serrano was injecting industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what's used to lubricate auto parts... Several women, including Shawn King, Larry's wife, and Diane Richie, Lionel's wife at the time, held injection parties in their homes, with Serrano needling them with the non-FDA approved drug that he had smuggled in to the U.S.

Silicone is not approved by the FDA for cosmetic injection into the face, although it has been used for that purpose in the past. This can create granulomas (a massive inflammatory response), infections, permanent deformity, and rejection with open sores and scarring. Because of these problems, I am not a fan of long-lasting or permanent fillers, but prefer injectables such as Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm, which typically disappears within 6-12 months.

For the rest of the Priscilla Presley story on, click here.

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mom said...

Yep, Gary Busy was in a motor cylce accident years ago,and yes he did suffer a brian injury and almost died. It happend rite after bying a new bike. He used to be anti-helmet, now he is a huge supporter of helmets.

Anonymous said...

She definitely does not look good. I watched Dancing with the Stars online and I can tell that she's trying so hard to give a good smile but it just wasn't coming naturally. And when she does smile, she always drops her head down or has one of her hands obscuring her face.

It's sad that someone once so beautiful would become a victim of bad plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Cilla would have plastic surgery in a home without first checking out the surgeon. I do hope she is successful in correcting some of the bad surgery if it is at all possible.

feja said...

Good lord what ever happened to just having Tupperware parties at home????

Anonymous said...

this physician, daniel serrano, should be sent to prison in the USA. Please, we do not need him here in Argentina, do not return him to our country, he's going to do the same here without being punished. We've had enough lately with that kind of "truchos" (=fake), ask cristina fernandez de kirchner otherwise, she's another trucha

Anonymous said...

this man, daniel serrano, should be sent to prison in the USA, we do not need him back in Argentina. we are tired of these "truchos", otherwise, ask cristina fernandez. she is one of them.

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