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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jessica Lange, Dr. Rob Oliver, and Callgirl Ashley Dupre (There's a diverse mix of people!)

A couple quick links for you to check out in your spare time:

1. Has Jessica Lange had plastic surgery? Read what her publicist said to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, as well as my thoughts. Click here.

2. Dr. Rob Oliver provides an insightful commentary on the recent death of a teenager during a plastic surgery procedure. Click here.

3. Did call girl Ashley Dupre (Youmans) get a rhinoplasty? Click here for Awful Plastic Surgery, click here for Make Me I've also read that she has gotten breast implants.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think that Ashley Dupre has had a nose job. The photos being used are drastically different, with one at such high contrast that it distorts her features. I'm honestly surprised that the two are being used for any legitimate comparison.

Many young women post their photos in high contrast on the internet, usually to hide flaws: increasing the shadows on the face defines the cheekbones, jawline, eyelashes and brows... while increasing the highlights on the face obliterates blemishes, but has the tendency of making the nose look somewhat bigger (as it, the forehead, and cheeks tend to receive the most light).

I've experimented with my own photos to achieve this effect, throughout my 13 years of experience with Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she really did have at least an overly aggressive brow lift at some stage - I think it was years ago now as I remember seeing the pics at the time and being astounded. I always wondered why she'd bother, she was so beautiful and just didn't seem the type. I also thought she'd have the resources to choose a surgeon who'd do a better job.

Anonymous said...

re jessica lange:
it seems that now, we expect celebrities to stay young looking and when they dont, we say with all his/her money, why dont they do something and when they do something we still pick them apart.
i guess some people dont age as well as others and the best plastic surgery can help the situation but not change it completely. i think she looks good for a woman her age.

Anonymous said...

This is an outright LIE. I remember Jessica Lange - FABULOUS actress, btw and Streep's biggest rival/contemporary - was quoted as saying "I'm going for my first facial tune-up!" about a decade ago. Unless that was a made-up quote from the Enquirer, but I read it in a newspaper, who knows the original source.

Love your blog, btw, plastic fantastic! :D I have a request - could you do a full analysis on Madonna and whether she had stuff like a nose job as etc claims, she's recently had loads of stuff like an obvious eye job. Huge picture archive on her obviously including childhood/teen and pre-fame pics, such as,

John, near Glasgow, Scotland, UK