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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maxim's List of Scariest Celebrity Faces

I happened upon (via a link from a list that has compiled of the Top 11 Scariest Celebrity Faces. Click here to start browsing it.

Most of these faces appear to have been altered by overdone plastic surgery, although there are a few which do not appear to be the result of plastic surgery gone wrong.

I understand that Gary Busey was in a terrible motorcycle accident some time ago, which caused significant brain damage and possibly also facial bone fractures. The head injury could explain his extra-friendly behavior to Jennifer Garner on the red carpet of the Oscars, and an orbit fracture can explain the asymmetry in his eyes. He may have a condition of his left eye called orbital dystopia, which occurs when the floor of the eye socket is fractured, causing the eyeball to migrate downward. It is frequently combined with enopthalmos, where the eyeball becomes sunken in due to similar factors. It can be improved via facial recontruction surgery, often using bone from his skull or a titanium plate to remake the floor of his eye socket. So that may explain Gary Busey being on this list.

As for Willem Dafoe, I don't think he's had plastic surgery. He just looks creepy.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care if you think Willem Dafoe has a naturally "creepy" face...he's a supreme being!

R.S said...

wow is that really what he looks like now

Anonymous said...

At least Willem is au naturel. They should replace him with Pricilla.

Notice the sheen on Jocelyn's forehead? Sheesh, its tighter than a drum. That's gotta be uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

it looks more like an ocular prosthesis.

Anonymous said...

whyy.. would he do that to him self he was totally cute in movie platoon but wow he looks terrible and sorry for the fans that adore him