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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mariah Carey Comments on my Plastic Surgery Speculation

On a recent interview on E! Radio, Mariah Carey commented on my recent speculation that she's had plastic surgery:

"One of the rumors I just heard about was that I spent $150,000 in plastic surgery. What in the ham sandwich do they think I did? It's very annoying."

Oops. I think I annoyed her.
The much-disputed $150,000 figure was asked of me by the magazine, and my thought was that it is possible she could have spent this much to look so good. Not all of it would be attributed to plastic surgery, but also to skin care products, gym memberships and/or equipment, personal training, facials, chemical peels, body skin treatments, and even specialty foods and vitamins. When these things are taken into account, $150,000 for an A-list star like her is not outside the realm of possibility.

I am actually a fan of hers. In fact, the first CD I ever bought was her Vision of Love album when I was a freshman in college. I think she is a major talent and have enjoyed her music over the years, so I hope my comments haven't caused her any hurt. I do think she looks fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe, don't try to dig your way out of it now with the overt flattery! If she did indeed spend $150,000 I'd expect her to look a 'ham sandwich' a lot better!

From what I've read, the girl is a pea-brained moron - voice of an angel - but a narcissistic fool nonetheless.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Ha! Narcissistic fool is a bit mean, I must say. And I'm not trying to 'dig' my way out of anything, except to more fully explain myself.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like her breast implants. I think they look hard and false and make her look fatter than what she is. I still think she looks good but she is not an old woman so she is not supposed to be "looking good for her age" so to speak. She takes care of herself and she shines (except those breast implants! EW!)

Anonymous said...

she looks great

Anonymous said...

Does she have kids? It looks like her waistline expanded compared to when she first came out in the music industry. I thought she had a smoking hot body then but now she doesn't have much of a figure (not much noticeable waistline) except for her large breasts.

Anonymous said...

I concur with most of the people here. Totally lost respect towards her. I mean, come on! the woman can sing and can sell records without having to sell her body..

Have you seen the latest music video?
It's so sad...

georgey said...

Did Mariah have a redo of her breasts? Like you said before, they initially looked like implants were placed under the pectorals because the breasts weren't meeting in the middle. Well, now they do. I don't think the weight loss alone could account for that. Maybe breast reduction and redo? this time above the pectoral muscles?

Please answer my question. Am really dying to know if my theory holds water.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Removal of implants from below the muscle and replacement above the muscle can decrease the visibility of a space between the breasts. So your hypothesis may hold water.

darian zam said...

I think she's had a couple of tweaks lately to keep up appearances. Compare old and new pics.

Anonymous said...

Maybe her waistline looks different because she came into the music industry nearly 20 years ago...
I think she probably got a lot of botox but I think her boobs are real.
They're really big and they've always been, they're bound to look different in some pictures (depending on the bra, shirts, weight fluctuation.)

Abraham said...

Palestine and Israel comes to mind when I look at her boobs. they are far apart and dont seem to be in harmony with one another.