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Monday, March 31, 2008

Lara Flynn Boyle - What Happened to Her?

Wow. What has happened to actress Lara Flynn Boyle's face? Her face is so puffy it is almost unrecognizable.

I feel really bad for her. I can only think of one medical reason why her face would be this puffy: steroids. If she is not on steroids for some particular reason (rheumatoid arthritis or other auto-immune disease) then it is very likely her plastic surgeon has been a bit over-zealous with fat grafting, Sculptra, or even liquid silicone injections, like what Priscilla Presley has had. For the record, I perform fat grafting and Sculptra injections quite often, and have never seen a result like hers from these relatively safe and conservative treatments. With her history of plumped-up lips, I would bet on some plastic surgery as being the cause of her unusual appearance, however. Her puffy face is not due to weight gain, as she looks as small as ever.

She may very well have BDD, or body dysmorphic disorder. This is a psychiatric condition where a person looks in the mirror and sees something that everyone else doesn't see. It can lead some people to undergo excessive amounts of plastic surgery in a misguided attempt to correct deformities that aren't there in the first place.

For her sake, I hope she gets some professional help, and not of the plastic surgery kind.

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Anonymous said...

She has the puffy face of an alcoholic and/or one who is bulemic.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be Cortison - it's known to make faces puffy and round like the moon.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Youn,

I often wondered if we should lay half the blame on the doctors who performed these excessive and unnecessary plastic surgeries on people who suffer from a mental/psychological disorder such as BDD.

What is your take on this?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I believe it is the fault of both the surgeon and the patient. The surgeon should not knowingly perform cosmetic surgery on a person who will not benefit from it. Sometimes the surgeons can be fooled, however, or even strong-armed into operating on someone. Then the blame also shifts to the patient. Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I would say Bell's Palsy.

Look at the difference in the way that the two sides of her face are functioning (you have to look at her from the front to see this). If she suffered a Bell's Palsy, that would explain the prednisone. I think that is what has happened here.

Not that I'm a doctor -- but I think I'm right.

Lindsay said...

OMG, i totally agree such a pretty woman but she's wasted away before our eyes. She needs to take a note from some other celebs and get slim but look healthy. You should check out this article I wrote. It gives good tips on how to get a Celebs body w/o going under the knife.

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daphne said...

This is hard to discuss, but I was bulimic for years. I now have a few veins on one side of my face that will always remind me of purging.

In my unfortunately experienced opinion, she does not have "barf cheeks". When one is bulimic, their cheeks don't really puff out like this. It's a different look.

I wondered if she went to get Botox and was given too much or had a bad reaction.

Sydney said...

It has been rumored in the past that she had anorexia. If true, that would certainly lend itself to the possibility that she also has BDD.

I don't think steroids are to blame here because this facial puffiness has been an ongoing issue since at least 2005 or 2006. One would think that if she had an auto-immune issue, her physicians would try some of the other available treatments, such as rituxan and the like. I think this is a case of someone who has had injections or fat grafting and just doesn't know when to stop.

bariatric surgery Detroit said...

She was so gorgeous she did not need to have any surgery done. But I guess she must realise that now. I wish all the young women out there would try to have some self-esteem and stop altering themselves. Learn to work with what you have, and don’t be afraid of aging. It happens to all of us.