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Friday, February 20, 2009

Cosmetic Surgeon Goes After Joan Rivers to Get Publicity

A general/vascular/cosmetic surgeon in California has just sent out a press release attacking Joan Rivers' guide to plastic surgery. In his press release he states,

"While Joan Rivers certainly has a right to hawk her beliefs about plastic surgery, her book and the half dozen reality shows that focus on plastic surgery undermine the credibility of the beauty enhancement business."

Who is this guy to talk? He's a general and vascular surgeon who practices cosmetic surgery! To me it looks like a blatant attempt to hop on Ms. Rivers' coattails and get a little media coverage. I find Joan's book well-written, humorous, and chock-full of useful information for anyone considering plastic surgery. Maybe he didn't like the chapter where she encourages everyone to seek a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Click here for the press release. To purchase a copy of Joan's book, click below.

Disclaimer: I am a contributor to Joan Rivers' book, but do not receive any payment or royalties for the sale of her book.

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marly said...

His strategy worked. He's getting media attention riding on Rivers' surgically-altered coattails. In a way, it's win/win. She gets more publicity and he gets his 15 minutes.

When I do seek cosmetic surgery help, it won't be from a vascular surgeon. I'm still waiting for you to return to Southern California.

Dave said...

You Said, "To me it looks like a blatant attempt to hop on Ms. Rivers' coattails and get a little media coverage." .... Ah, you host a site called "Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery", it might as well be called "Celebrity Cosmetic Coattails". I read an article about this online and it sounded to me like the doctor simply thought that it was unnecessary for young people (under 65) to cut themselves to see positive results, and that plastic surgery should be used when there is no alternative.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Ha! Touche...