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Friday, February 06, 2009

Octuplets and Plastic Surgery?

Nadya Suleman is the mother of the octuplets who finally surfaced and gave an interview on the Today show. Who does she look like and what plastic surgery do I think she's had?

I think she looks like a combination of Angelina Jolie and Alanis Morissette. Her lips are huge and may be the result of aggressive fat grafting. It's possible that people who have a large amount of fat grafted into their lips find their lips become excessively large when they become pregnant. Their tummy is not the only thing that grows! Her nose may also have had some work done, making it smaller and thinner than it was before. Without any "pre-surgical" photos, it's difficult to say for sure, but I think she's had both a lip augmentation and a rhinoplasty.

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Anonymous said...

There's a picture of Nadya in high school online: She's definitely had a nose job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Youn, I was wondering why I hadn't heard anyone commenting on what struck me immediately as a nose job and lip augmentation. (Not very skillfully done, either, imho!)
Perhaps her obsession with having children was the by-product of an obsession with Angelina Jolie?

Anonymous said...

There is also a photo on Radar that is of her with her other children pre-surgery

Anonymous said...

Check out this one too:

Anonymous said...

Dr. Youn,
She looks like Vanessa Ferlito. See here:

Anonymous said...

My husband has Dark Knight on right now--I can't help thinking when I look at her (and a lot of people who've had their lips done like this) that she looks a lot like the Joker! Yikes.

looney said...

I thought she'd had an eye job too. How much would these sort of surgeries cost?

Anonymous said...

"Before" pics of this woman seem to disappear not long after they appear. At least for now, there are several on Jezebel:

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this woman has "issues." Fourteen children AND a face full of plastic surgery? Clearly she has a disorder that drives her to be the center of attention - meaning, unfortunately, that her children are destined to be accessories more than anything else. Sad all around.