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Monday, October 12, 2009

Chris Rock on Roman Polanski

This is a hilarious segment from the Jay Leno Show where Chris Rock tears into Roman Polanski. I don't understand how anyone can stand up for this guy. He drugs and rapes a 13 year old girl, pleads guilty, then flees the country to avoid his punishment? Time does not make the crime any less heinous. They should toss him in jail until he serves the sentence he deserved in the first place.

Chris Rock is the best. He just may be the funniest comic today. Jay Leno seems like a nice guy but his delivery is terrible.

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DARIAN ZAM said...

I totally agree that he should "do the time", there's no doubt. However, everyone is so busy discussing or arguing over this case, they are forgetting one of the main things - that the victim has firmly stated she wants the event left in the past, and has no interest in pursuing it whatsoever. People's lack of respect for this point, and this woman, is completely appalling.

Charlotte said...

GREAT post! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dr Youn, I could almost kiss you for posting this.

I have watched various celebs defend Polanski with open-mouthed shock and dismay. So if I commit a terrible, violent crime, admit to it, flee the country and hide in Europe for 30 years then, hey ho, no harm done, my crime is magically erased.

Polanski drugged, raped (and did other sexual assault)to a thirteen year old child. Appalling, and appalling celebrity attitudes.

Thanks Chris Rock and thanks Dr Youn for your morals.

Alizee said...

Hats down to mixiepixie! You've said it all!

Anonymous said...

Im a Polish.

In Poland this case is on everyday news. Some Polish celebrities defended Polanski.
But not for long.

Many people in Poland DID not know about the CASE!!!
It was a taboo!!!!
General public was unaware about the case!!
Polish version of wikipedia DID NOT have a word about it!

People ware shocked, angry about it!
Some celebrities defended Polanski in a really amazing way, like saying that
the raped girl was a prostitute.

"In the view of arrest of his friend, Roman Polanski, Zanussi called Polanski's rape victim an underage prostitute on the Polish Nationally televised 'Kropka nad I'"


One day before the arrest, there was a change in law in Poland so the pedofiles can now be chemically castrated! The change of law was made by polish government!

And what happend when a Polanski was arrested?
Polish foreign affairs minister Radek Sikoski defended Roman Polanski!

People ware completely shocked by that!

One they they pass a castration law an another the defend a pedofile!
People here are angry!

Here the discussion is in every day press.

BUT still some media Defend Polanski in a radical way!
Like "Gazeta Wyborcza" number one national newspaper which was co-founded, and co-owned by movie director Andrzej Wajda (Oscar winer)!
This newspaper publishes every day articles what a Genius Polanski is, and awful stuff like "Is Samantha Geimer a prostitute or a lolita?"

People here in Poland are shocked and angry!