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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maria Shriver - Botox Brow?

I've seen Maria Shriver on TV quite a bit lately, and am always surprised by how her looks have changed over the last 10+ years. To me, she exhibits the classic Botox Brow: A shiny forehead that doesn't move combined with overly arched eyebrows creating a sinister look. The most obvious sign of overdone Botox (or Dysport) is when a person's forehead and eyebrows just don't move, no matter what their expression.

Her face has gotten so gaunt, too. A little facial fat grafting would do wonders for her.

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marly said...

That's a particularly unflattering Halloween-looking image of her. She's usually quite striking. She has what all the Kennedy women have, a gaunt face that gets worse with age. She is sleek and athletic looking but maybe she could happily add a few pounds. Arnold certainly has.

Anonymous said...

She has amazing bone structure that unfortunately doesn't age well. It looks masculine as she ages and she looks a bit like a caracature of herself. Her hair, though, is gorgeous still.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about Michelle Obama - if she has botox brow or not....

....the First Lady's brows have a sinister look too - although that could be to the shape design and not botox.