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Friday, October 30, 2009

Courtney Love Quits Plastic Surgery...Because of Jocelyn Wildenstein?

Courtney Love has apparently sworn off plastic surgery after seeing "The Lion Woman" Jocelyn Wildenstein up close. According to

Love ran into the 63-year-old socialite recently and was shocked at the way Wildenstein looked after $4 million worth of cosmetic procedures. Jocelyn is rumored to have had everything from a face lift and lip implants to cheek, chin and breast implants. Courtney said, "I could do with another boob lift, but no way. I don't want to end up looking like her. She looked freaky."

I sometimes see patients who've had grossly overdone facial plastic surgery for consultation. Most people would be surprised at how many of these patients don't want corrective surgery, but are there to get more changes made. These are the ones who can 'scare' off new patients in the waiting room. Can you imagine walking into your plastic surgeon's office and seeing Jocelyn Wildenstein waiting to be seen too? Would you turn around and leave?

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Carmen said...

I would walk out just because I would never want to be seen by a doctor who would do work on a patient who obviously has body dimorphic disorder. I would want a doctor who cares about his patients’ well being instead of just doing it for the money.

Antonia Rosina said...

The problem with assuming that an overly-corrected patient in the waiting room reflects badly on the doctor is that the patient may be there to be revised. I know two prominent surgeons whose patient lists are over 50% revisions. They are attempting to correct the messes other surgeons made.

Anonymous said...

absolutely not staying. will leave and tell everyone to not go to this doctor. apparently this doctor only wants money. ethical doctor will reject this idiotic/odd request.