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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tara Reid To Bear It All In Playboy?

Seriously?? According to, actress and botched plastic surgery victim Tara Reid has posed for a Playboy pictorial, coming out in the near future. You may remember that a couple years ago Tara admitted to undergoing botched liposuction and breast lift surgery at the hands of an unreputable surgeon. Her breast scars were revealed when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on the red carpet at a P Diddy party. She subsequently underwent corrective plastic surgery by my good friend, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Svehlak (back in the day we were both proteges of Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, also of Beverly Hills).

It will be interesting to see how much Playboy airbrushes her photos. Will they airbrush any of the remaining scars from her original botched surgery? You may remember that ex-talk show host and Wilson Phillips star Carnie Wilson had a nude pictorial in Playboy after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. They airbrushed her scars away, so I would bet that Tara's will be too.

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DARIAN ZAM said...

well why not? They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately. I won't name names.

Alizee said...

Yeah, well you can imagine how much air brushing will go in those photos. However, I think Tyra has the right to pose in Playboy. She needs this sort of boosting :D