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Friday, April 02, 2010

Raquel Welch - No Plastic Surgery?

Raquel Welch was recently on the Oprah show making some pretty amazing claims. She denied going under the plastic surgeon's knife and instead attributed her youthful appearance to Yoga, a perfect diet, and three hours of makeup in the morning.

What do you think? I think she's a liar.

My opinion:
Her forehead hardly moves, likely frozen by a good amount of Botox or Dysport. Her brows are nicely elevated, possibly from a browlift. She shows none of the excess skin and puffiness of a 69 year old woman. I believe she's also undergone an upper and lower blepharoplasty. Her cheeks and lips are full, likely from a filler like fat grafting. Her neckline is way too sharp for a person her age who hasn't had a facelift. Finally, her nose looks overly chiseled, likely from at least one reduction rhinoplasty. If her looks are solely due to Yoga, diet, and makeup, then I'm one of Tiger Woods' mistresses.

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Discounted Cosmetics said...

She is looking gorgeous and in this age if you look like this then obviously people will point out on you.

Anonymous said...

She looks great! If she's had several procedures, they're not obvious. Is there a way to find out which doctor she went to?

Antonia Rosina said...

Indeed. She's another actress to join the ranks of "I've never had anything done..." (This is sometimes followed with, "But I have no objection to PS and would get something done if I needed it.") The latter is to suggest that the person is entirely truthful about PS and most viewers fall for it. Olivia Newton-John has had her lips and forehead done but says she has never been under the needle or knife.

I had my cheekbones and NL folds injected with Juvéderm and you can check it out in this post: (Do you like it?) I saw you on TV and thought I'd spring for it up in Canada.

marly said...

Dr. Youn, I think I love you. I'd left a comment on your April Fool's entry talking about Welch and her ridiculous claims. Your straight-forward analysis is fabulous and appreciated. Just think how marvelous it would be if celebrities were honest.

Anonymous said...

Can you comment on the quality of the work that you believe she's had done?

... and how does it compare with the "average" artistic result of these procedures, performed by "average" plastic surgeons that the an "average" client (ie, non-A-list-celebrity) would consult?

And at what age do you think each procedure was likely done?

On the other hand, if you are, in fact, one of Tiger's mistresses, please share some of the sexy, sexy NSFW texts you have received.

Anonymous said...

Has she also had a lip lift?

Seems like she has a scar under her nose.

Rachelle said...

She is beautiful but I guess it must be difficult to be an aging sex symbol and wrestle with time and admit she has had work done.

I remember seeing an old magazine and there was an article in it about her with pictures and she was about 47 at the time and she didn't look anything like she does now.

I bought Rachel's latest book and I am sort of disappointed with it. She point blankly lists all the things you could do, like botox, fillers, etc but she only admits to microdermabrasion and then she applauds women who have not gone under the knife and stayed natural.

She also leads her readers to belive her splint for TMJ gave her a natural lift. I guess it is neither here nor there but sort of perplexing to me that she would draw attention to herself and not admit to any work.

I really appreciate your blog Dr. Youn. It's informative as well as entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I am normally appalled by older women with multiple surgeries, but I think her skin looks very good! I haven't seen her live or trying to speak, however, so it may just be the photo.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Do they seriously think people believe this? No one ages "naturally" and looks like that.

Lynne said...

LOL! You should really do a post on Tiger's mistresses and their plastic surgeries LOL!

Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Dr. Youn. Why is it that people still lie about having plastic surgery??? It is 2010 for pete's sake! Take Heidi Montag for example, she's young and she's come clean. Why don't those old hags in hollywood like Raquel who's lied most of their lives to maintain a 'perfect image' come clean. It could be really freeing. More importantly, the Raquel's of the world are blocking their Plastic Surgeon from getting extra clients! Share dammit! ~DivineMsV~

DARIAN ZAM said...

What number mistress does that make you?

Anonymous said...

It's possible to be older and look great. My grandmother is 77 and has the most enviable skin. Very smooth, supple, minimal wrinkles. It's truly amazing because she doesn't undergo "beauty rituals," it is purely good genes. NO ONE believes her age and they often try to deny her senior discounts because they don't think she's of age.

That being said, something about this picture is not "normal". A little too taut I suppose, even younger people don't look "pulled". I'm sure she has great genes too, but there's a hint of something having been done.