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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Christopher Knight - Laser Hair Removal

On the latest episode of Dr. 90210, the Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight underwent laser hair removal on his neck, between his eyes, inside his ears, and even inside his nose! While my practice offers laser hair removal, I've never seen it done to some of these weird areas. I'm not the one who normally does it though, since most of my time is spent in surgery.
Come to think of it, maybe I can have my aesthetician Otilia zap the inside of my nose...

To view a television segment I did of laser hair removal for local Fox 2 News, click here.

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Anonymous said...

I know we all like a trim nostril..but I heard/read that we need some of those hairs. I heard that some peoples' allergies get worse after hair removal there. Is that true? Have you heard anything like that?

vedo said...

I am wondering how much does it cost?

Ann said...

Nostrils and ears? Could it hurt any worse than that?

Chicago Laser Hair Removal said...

Well at least hes not leaving it there!
Like most 49 year old men, he has developed a problem with hair growing out of strange, new places, like his ears.

david said...

removing all the hair in your nose isnt really a good thing, you need it like anon said

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