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Monday, November 26, 2007

Nikki Ziering is Cool

Nikki Ziering (American Wedding, Playboy magazine) is one of the celebrities whom I met during my time in Los Angeles. She frequently came to our office for endermologie treatments with the finest cellulite reducer in town, Pamela Lee. Anyways, she was absolutely stunning in person and was always very nice. Right before I left, she gave me a stack of her magazine appearances and signed them "To the top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon," even though she never went under my scalpel.
I haven't seen her in the media lately, except these photos from, but I hope she is doing very well. I'd like to tell her "Thanks for being nice to a young doc from Michigan."

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Anonymous said...

With HIPPA laws being what they are....I am curious, did you have her permission to discuss her medical treatment?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I knew I would get this question and considered addressing it in the post itself. Nikki has gone on record for being treated by Pamela Lee, both on Dr. 90210 and in written advertising. Of course, I take HIPAA laws very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I came to this page to ask that very question. Should have known that you would never do that.

Kevin Lucas said...

She is very prity model

MsB said...

That was awesome of her! I totally dig people that do something, for whatever reason, that leaves a special mark on someone else's life -- however small. I'm sure what she had done was not grand at any scale, but she left you with a good feeling of a just being nice. I'm all for that.