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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debbie Gibson in Magazine

This unfortunate photo is from Star Magazine. I hope it's been photoshopped, since her nose was fine to start out with. I really like Debbie Gibson. I was a fan of hers in 9th grade, and think some of her pop songs (Only in My Dreams, Lost in Your Eyes) are pretty cool. Sometimes the nurses make fun of me because of it. Not as manly as Metallica I guess...

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Anonymous said...

didnt she have a nice nose job at least a few years ago. is it possible for the nose to deteriorate or collapse years after surgery?

Anonymous said...

No, Deborah Gibson has NOT had a nose job recently! I saw her just last week, and her nose is the exact same nose that she has always had! This awful Star pic looks nothing like Deb looks in real life. Go to "Total Pop Stars" online and watch her....she's one of the judges. I can assure you that her nose is just fine!!! This is just another bogus rumor!

Anonymous said...

DEBORAH GIBSON HAS NOT HAD A NOSE JOB!!! ppl r so bored with their own lives that they have to sit and make up rumors about others...i personally know her and no she has not had a nose job ever!