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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Daniel Craig States People with Plastic Surgery Look Like "Freaks"

Actor Daniel Craig was recently quoted by AZ Central on his thoughts about plastic surgery:

The James Bond star is determined to grow old gracefully, and thinks stars who do choose to go under the knife risk looking like "freaks" when they are older.
He said, "It's tricky, it really is, because no-one likes to get old and sag. People can improve themselves when they are younger, but when you're 60 or 70, you start looking like a freak. You end up looking like a lesbian big sister and that's not right!"

"Lesbian big sister??" What an arse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, and here I was thinking Daniel was the hottest thing since Viggo Mortensen and he goes and ruins my allusion with one stupid sentence.

How come I can't make a comment about the recent post on Nicole Kidman?

Anonymous said...

I don't get that comment but I do think it's true about plastic surgery. There is still something very macabre looking about these faces. There is something very unnatural looking that I can't put my finger on. Oh well! To each their own I suppose.

Anonymous said...

actually if you look at Bruce Jenner lesbian big sister is a perfect description

Anonymous said...

I love Daniel Craig!
Like it or not, he's kinda right, MANY celebs despite their resources are looking freakish, not necessarily younger.

And Dr. Youn, LIGHTEN UP!

La Rêveuse said...

Yes, the comment was uncalled for, but he does have a nice one.

Arse, that is.


May it never sag!

Angela said...

The headline and the paragraph leading up to the quote were, I thought, more inflammatory than what Daniel Craig said. He doesn't seem to be putting down plastic surgery in general. His point is apparently that when someone is 70 years old and trying to look 30 or 40, it gets ridiculous. The idea should be to look good for one's age, right? Anyway, it wasn't the most coherent statement.

Anonymous said...

How much more right can he be?!

Why aren´t people nowadays allowed to get old?

Anonymous said...

Love the Bruce Jenner comment. so true! LMAO

I think he is eesentially right - he's saying "the risk" of looking like a freak as you get older (and get more surgery to keep up) is pretty good. Whenever you see an older celeb that looks good, don't you think "Wonder if he/she had any work done?"

And others who obviously have had work, you just stare at them as if they were a two headed calf, trying to make sense of what you're seeing.

Good for you Craig! Now don't go do something stupid like get a facelift!