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Monday, November 19, 2007

Kellie Pickler's Breasts Are Smaller?

Country music star Kellie Pickler was present at the American Music Awards last night. I think she looked fabulous. Very stylish, I must say. Her breasts also looked quite a bit smaller, after their sudden appearance on American Idol several months ago. They appear to have gone from a disproportionate D to a curvy C.
This could be due to one of three reasons: (1) She has lost some weight, causing her breasts to become smaller, (2) Her surgeon replaced her old hefty breast implants with smaller ones, and/or (3) her implants have settled in and swelling has diminished, resulting in smaller breasts. I would bet that the changes we see in Kellie Pickler are a result of both (1) and (3). No matter what they are from, this "small town girl" looks like a big-time beauty.

Photo credit: FOX TV,

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Dina said...

I would love to learn more aboutbreast enlargements what to know. Any upcoming articles coming up?

Linda C. Modica said...

You're right. They do look better. I wish Mariah would size down as well (if Kelly did size down). I think Kelly lost a little weight. She looks really great in that photo.