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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Other Plastic Surgeon Blogs

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some links to blogs by other plastic surgeons you may be interested in:

Plastic Surgery 101 : Dr. Rob Oliver's blog provides a nice commentary on plastic surgery and medicine in general. He covers some of the medical liability, reform, and general plastic surgery subjects which can be beyond the scope of my blog.

Truth in Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Disaia's blog was one of the first plastic surgery blogs which didn't focus solely on promoting his practice.

John Diaz, M.D.: Dr. Diaz is a fellow Dr. 90210 alum and friend of mine. He covers plastic surgery, diet, and fitness in his blogs.

Richard Hainer, M.D.: Dr. Hainer is a well-respected Michigan-based plastic surgeon and good friend of mine. His blog covers some general plastic surgery subjects.

Kevin, M.D. Medical Blog: Dr. Kevin is not a plastic surgeon, but his blog is a good read for anyone interested in medicine and medical issues in general.

Any plastic surgeons out there: feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog.

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