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Monday, August 10, 2009

Has Chef Gordon Ramsay Had Botox... To His Chin?

There are rumors circulating over the internet that Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay has had Botox injections to his chin. According to the Plastic Surgery Channel:

The grouchy celeb was inspired by another cranky British import to American TV: Simon Cowell.
Simon, whose famous frown doesn’t wrinkle his own forehead due to Botox injections, reportedly told Chef Ramsay that he “had to do something about that” chin.

And after a makeup artist and a few friends also made disparaging remarks, Ramsay was off to get a smoother looking chin. From Botox. Which is a little confusing, because that miracle wrinkle eraser is intended more for eyes and foreheads, where muscle movement creates furrows.

If I take a look at that mug, the last place that I'd think about injecting Botox is his chin. What about smoothing out those deep forehead and crow's feet wrinkles? If he came to my office then... Bam! I'd hit him with the Botox in the forehead and crow's feet. (Apologies to Emeril) Plus, a little Restylane would go a long way in those nasolabial creases.

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Anonymous said...

Another strange place for Botox: I had it injected above my lip and I love it. It's a little hard to whistle, but the vertical lines are smoother. But best of all, my upper lip is slightly raised up so it looks fuller, and there is more area to apply my lipstick!! I'm wondering what other "below the nose" areas will see improvement with Botox?

Your Receptionist said...

I absolutely LOVE Gordon Ramsay, although I prefer BBC America's Kitchen Nightmares and The F-Word to Hell's Kitchen. Without his crags and creases, he'd be a lot less interesting looking.

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

LOL! I fully concur. His frown lines are really noticeable (and offputting). I actually find NL folds sexy on the male face.

Jen said...

NOOO, he looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

I had treatment with Fraxel Repair on my chin for some acne scarring from hormonal acne, and my Dr also suggested getting some botox in the area a few weeks before the Fraxel so things would heal a little more smoothly.

The Botox made a noticable improvement on its own, so much so that I'm going to keep it up because it adds a little more smoothness to the areas Fraxel didn't erase.