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Friday, March 09, 2007

Helen Mirren offered Botox for Oscars

Now Magazine and are reporting that Helen Mirren was offered a host of cosmetic treatments as celebrity swag prior to the Oscars:

According to the Daily Mirror a host of celebs were offered the bizarre 'goodie bags' packes with vouchers for wrinkle treatments, including Botox, to help them look their best at the awards. Plain-talking Helen was having none of it though. 'I'm very vain, which initially made playing Elizabeth Windsor in all those tweeds pretty daunting,' she said. 'But I'm not fond of all those needles and scalpels. 'I'll try to get away with make-up, jewelry and a nice frock.'

Now, some may not like this statement: While I agree that Helen Mirren looked great at the Oscars, she does have some pretty deep wrinkles. Botox would improve these, and if done by a good plastic surgeon, could make her look even better (and not artificial). She is a good example though, of aging gracefully without Botox. I still think that she's possibly had a facelift in the past.
While Helen appears to have turned down Botox, it's too bad that Nicole Kidman appears to have taken them up on their offer, along with taking her pal Naomi Watts' Botox and lip plumper swag. I've never heard of actual surgery being offered in swag bags for free, however.

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Anonymous said...

re your:

"While Helen appears to have turned down Botox, it's too bad that Nicole Kidman appears to have taken them up, along with her pal Naomi Watts' cosmetic procedures swag."

You're contradicting yourself. look what you said just a week ago:

In addition to showing more voluminous breasts tonight at Oscars, it appears that Nicole also had a lip augmentation before the event by way of an injectable such as Restylane or Juvederm. "Her lips look large and puffed up, causing her mouth to not move completely naturally," says plastic surgeon Dr. Youn. "When she is compared to her BFF [best female friend] Naomi Watts, one can see the difference between artificially-enhanced beauty and natural beauty."

Hmm...your credibility is really doubtful.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above:
I took it as Dr. Youn meant that Nicole Kidman not only used HER cosmetic procedure swag...but ALSO used her pal Naomi Watts!! Nicole obviously has used way too much botox. And so hmmm... maybe you shouldn't question Dr. Youns credibility!

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Yes, I was referring to Nicole Kidman using both her and Naomi's swag. Maybe I wasn't clear enough...or maybe someone was looking for a way to take a shot at me anonymously??

Anonymous said...

Dude, Helen Mirren looks awesome and doesn't need any enhancments! It is also pretty obvious she hasn't had any in the past either

Anonymous said...

I was struck by how beautiful (and, I daresay, sexy) Mirren looked at the awards shows this season. Part of the beauty comes from the fact that she doesn't look fake and she wears flattering fare.

Nonetheless, I would be shocked if she's never gone under the knife to counteract the aging process.

Anonymous said...

Actually Dr. Youn, in (sort of) defense of the not-very-nice first post, I too, read what you wrote wrong. NOW I see what you were saying but it wasn't clear to me at first either (although I would never doubt your credibility either way!). I didn't take it as you contradicting yourself though, I took it as maybe you had changed your mind on Naomi Watts or maybe she got something new done after you posted about her untouched beauty.
And as far as helen goes: regardless of whether she's had work done in the past (I'm inclined to think too, that maybe she has) she looks beyond fabulous today! Wrinkles and all!! Exquisite :)

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the input Sheila. I appreciate your kind comments. I've gone ahead and changed the wording of the post so as to make it more clear. I too agree that Helen Mirren looks fantastic, wrinkles and all. No one NEEDS plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. I think I've made my position on this very clear. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of COURSE Mirren has had a facelift. It's one of the good ones, so looks fairly natural. But it is obvious. You just need to look at her PBS detective shows, and look at her now, to see that the heavy frown crease between the eyes is gone, the jowls are much less, the nasolabial folds are lessened, etc. Her friend, Judi Dench, also had one. They both wear their facelifts very well.

Anonymous said...

i was watching the oscars with my husband and we both commented on how great helen and her husband looked.they were one of the best looking couples there. probably because they live in england far away from hollyweird