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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brigitte Nielsen to Have Plastic Surgery on TV? is reporting that Sylvester Stallone and Flavor Flav ex Brigitte Nielsen is planning to have plastic surgery and have it filmed for German television.

According to Brigitte, she will receive “a complete renewal: facelift, eyelift, fat injections in my face, liposuction, a breast lift and I need new teeth... I know I am the first female celebrity in the world who has allowed herself to be filmed like that in an operating theater. I know I will be breaking a taboo. But I’m sure that it will provoke a new discussion. It’s time things change. I feel 30 and want to look that way again. The secrecy in Hollywood is annoying. You can see that the stars do not age naturally. It’s not right that the fans, the normal women, are lied to.”

Although I found her annoying in The Surreal Life, it's refreshing to hear her talk this way. Hopefully everything goes well with her plastic surgery. By the way, the posted photo is a great example of someone with breast implants that are probably above-the-muscle.

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health and wellness said...

Too bad it's Brigitte Nielsen, not the best spokesperson in the world.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, that woman smokes like a chimney. I hope she makes it out of all those procedures safely!

Anonymous said...

She seems like a genuinely warm person and she's extrememly intelligent. She's had her troubles but I hope she comes out on top.

Anonymous said...

You can have a look how she looks like now after the makeover on: