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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jimmy Buffett - Plastic Surgeon in Margaritaville

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Normally I try to get a post up at least every other day, but after operating for eight hours yesterday, I rushed home, fed my kids dinner, and zipped off to the local Jimmy Buffett concert with my wife and in-laws. The show, as usual, was a blast.

I'm a big Jimmy Buffett fan, have all his albums, been to probably a dozen of his shows, and know most of his songs by heart. According to his autobiography, A Pirate Looks at Fifty, one of his best friends is actually a plastic surgeon in Boston (not me, unfortunately).

Anyways, has Jimmy had any work done?? I doubt it. As you can see by the photos above he's lost quite a bit of hair over the years and has gained quite a few wrinkles. At least he shaved off that God-awful 70's porn-stache. That's better than any plastic surgery I could give him!

Thanks for a great show, Jimmy!

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