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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cindy Margolis - Plastic Surgery?

The former "Most Downloaded Woman in the World" Cindy Margolis is making news lately with her July 2008 pictorial in Playboy magazine. The divorced mother of three is now 42 years old and looks fabulous. I do believe she's had a bit of help, though.

When looking at this photo, she appears to be making a rather stern look. Her brow doesn't furrow, however, and this lack of wrinkles is a likely sign of a good Botox job. Her lips may also be modestly enhanced with a filler, like Restylane. I also think she may have had some enhancement of her cheeks, possibly with Sculptra or fat grafting injections. Her skin is flawless, and has been probably helped out by chemical peels and medical strength skin care products. Finally, she appears to have had a breast augmentation. Overall, I think her work is well-done. She does resemble Shannon Tweed a little bit, so I wonder if they share the same plastic surgeon...

I've not seen her Playboy spread since I do not read the magazine. If I did, however, I'd read it for the articles.

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Anonymous said...

You should look for some pictures of her from the 80s- She looks completely different.

Anonymous said...

It's well-known that she's had many surgeries:

Anonymous said...

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sweet said...

You're right up there. She used to be a brunette girl with a big nose. I actually like the way she looked before much more. Now she's a generic cheap looking LA chick. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I think she's looking a little rough for her age.

Stiletto said...

Frankly, I've never found her attractive. Ok, so she's an attractive woman, but I don't care for her type of look. Even if she is well preserved.

Anonymous said...

I just saw ad for her new reality show Seducing Cindy. Plastic surgery is one thing, but I swear her voice changed! Cindy used to have a sweet, feminine voice. Now her voice seems lower. Maybe her cheeks are so tight or whatever it affects her speach?