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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who Doesn't Like Fake Breasts??? George Clooney?

According to the Celebrity Smack blog, George Clooney may have dumped his ex-girlfriend because of her fake breasts. According to the report:

George really didn’t want her to get the boob job. She asked George if she could do her recovery at his house and he agreed,” a source told In Touch Weekly.
As for the breakup, Larsen never saw it coming.
“They had a huge fight and he left the house. Sarah read in the media that they’d broken up and freaked out because George hadn’t told her anything. He had to explain himself because she’d found out with the rest of the world.”

Is George really picky when it comes to breast implants? I guess when you're him you're allowed to be picky! Most of us normal joes are usually happy with real OR fake.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt this very much

Anonymous said...

That story seems ridiculous. If he truly loved her, he would help her recover. Obviously they had other issues.

Anonymous said...

Even IF George dump her for the fake breasts, let's not judge him too quickly. Establishing a relationship is about more than just finding someone who makes you feel "in love." For it to really work, you have to be with someone who values the same things you do.

Maybe George believes the body is a temple that shouldn't be invaded unnecessarily. Maybe he believes confidence should come from within (if she's doing it for confidence). Maybe he believes work shouldn't run your whole life (if she's doing it for a modeling/acting career). I can see a lot of ways in which a disagreement about breast implants could point to a divergence of values.

I guess you could say that I'm saying there were other or larger issues.

I think sometimes we look at celebrities and think, that couple looks so cute together, why would they possibly break up. But celebrities deserve a relationship that's good emotionally and spiritually as well as physically, just as much as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Why should he be a bad guy if that's how he feels ?

I don't condone him , but that's his choice

marissa m. said...

So much for hooking up with george ever...

I think men prefer real boobs in general as long as they are pretty.

I'm not going to fault any woman for wanting to improve herself