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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nicole Ritchie

Has Nicole Ritchie been shopping for a nose job? I've read on the Truth in Cosmetic Surgery Blog that this may be true. Here is a link to the story.
Body dysmorphic disorder (or BDD) is a psychiatric disease where the person afflicted sees something different in the mirror than what everyone else sees. It is often clustered around the nose, and this is what often makes rhinoplasty (nose job) patients very difficult to work with. A rhinoplasty patient with BDD will look in the mirror and see a horrible-looking hook nose where everyone else sees a nice-looking nose with a slightly large tip. This often causes people to undergo several surgeries by several surgeons in an attempt to "fix" what another surgeon did or to continue to whittle away at a formerly good-looking nose. I have seen some patients who've had their noses operated on 10 (yes, ten!) times and were still looking to get it done again. Scar tissue builds up with each surgery, and the nose looks worse and worse. This is what I believe has happened to Michael Jackson.


Sydney said...

You mean in the same way she might look in the mirror and not realize that hey, I only way 85 lbs!

Nicole R. obviously has all of the hallmarks of someone with a serious eating disorder which commonly goes hand in hand with BDD

So shopping for plastic surgery wouldn't surprise me. What DOES surprise me is that noone in this young woman's family has seen fit to hospitalize her for treatment yet. In the last photo I saw of her she was seriously underweight and one wonders about the cardiac implications of her continued malnourishment.

Sydney said...

sorry, that would be "weigh" not way but I'm too tired to delete and repost. Night all, I'm wayyyy past my bedtime. You can always tell when I stop spelling correctly.