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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Demi Moore Laughs Off $3 Million Plastic Surgery Rumor

According to Daily, Demi Moore has laughed off rumors that she's had 3 million dollars worth of plastic surgery. She apparently stated:

"I was in getting a facial recently and there were reports that I had been in there for countless hours, saying I'd had surgical procedures. Am I going to sue? Do I really care?"

Three million dollars worth of plastic surgery is crazy. Currently I charge about $7000 for a breast augmentation (gel implants). If you divide that by $3 million, that means she'd have the equivalent of... a ton of breast augmentation surgeries! Now, some other surgeons charge more than me (the Michigan economy is currently in the toilet so I don't charge exorbitant fees), but I still believe the rumor is likely false.

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Anonymous said...

$7000? is that your fee or for everything?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

That's the general fee for everything, give or take a few hundred dollars.

Chuck McKay said...

As I recall, pricing the surgery for a lady of my acquaintance, that was the going rate in the late 80's. I commend you for holding your prices in line.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've heard it's expensive, but that seems like a lot. Are there really that many costs involved?

Anonymous said...

You can certainly find doctors who will do procedures at competitive prices - undercutting the more quality surgeons - but my advice would be to save bargain-hunting for other shopping adventures! SOMETIMES YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

raincoaster said...

A ton of boobs? I think the newspaper confused her with Anna Nicole Smith!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Demi Moore has had liposuction? Is that true?