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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dr. Terry Higgins - Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

A few months ago I wrote a post on one of the plastic surgeons who has served as one of my mentors, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. Every so often, I'll post on a plastic surgeon who I know well and can vouch for. Dr. Terry Higgins is one of them.
Dr. Higgins is one half of a prominent plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas. We went to residency together and he is one of my good friends, as well as an outstanding plastic surgeon. Dr. Higgins is probably the most gracious plastic surgeon I've ever met. He is one of very few plastic surgeons whom I would consider going into practice with, and I would trust him to operate on me if I needed it. I think this is one of the best compliments a surgeon can give to another surgeon.

To visit Dr. Higgins' website, click here.

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Anonymous said...

I went to see Dr Higgins for a little bit of lipo (to smooth out the tummy area) and he turned me down! He said "do not let anyone other PS talk you into it. You look great." He said all of his patients my age would be proud to look as good as me.

Anonymous said...

I went to Dr. Higgins and had my implants replaced to go bigger. Also, I wanted to get a tummy tuck which Dr. Higgins said that he did not think I needed. He is not a Dr. who is trying to make money off you...he is HONEST. He has a great personality and takes a lot of time to make you feel comfortable. He makes you feel safe when you are being wheeled into surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

As other comments Dr. Higgins told me I do not need a tummy tuck. He is very honest and spends a lot time with you which makes you feel important to him as a patient. He does not rush his appointments. He makes you feel comfortable and safe in his hands. I did have my implants replaced, going bigger. I was very happy with his work. He did what others said they could not do.