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Saturday, October 20, 2007

This Season on Dr. 90210

I have really been enjoying this season's Dr. 90210. It's been nice seeing my friend Dr. Gary Motykie get a good deal of airtime, and for some reason I find Dr. Will Kirby fun to watch. Maybe it's because he does such simple things (Botox, lip injections, chemical peels, laser tattoo removal) that I am astounded the show is spending so much time on procedures so basic and less interesting (at least to me).
This past week's episode left me in stitches (sorry about the pun) with Dr. Robert Rey and his family's terrifying camping trip. If you catch any episode this year, see this one or the one where Dr. Rey goes back to Brazil to meet his dad. You'll see that there is much more to the good doctor than you've seen on TV so far.
Overall, I think this season may be the best one since the first season 3 years ago. It only seems to be missing one! jk
To view a clip of my appearance on the first season of Dr. 90210, click here.

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