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Monday, October 22, 2007

Georgio Armani = Sun Damage Galore

Calling Obagi! Dr. Disaia's blog has a post on the sun damage which is evident in Georgio Armani's face. The dark skin and age spots can be nearly completely reversed by a strong course of the Obagi Condition and Enhance Program. This is the only skin care line that I've seen to effectively reverse damage as bad as his without chemical peels or laser resurfacing. It takes some time (months) and usually creates some skin reaction (like dryness and flaking) but it does seem to do the trick. With skin like his, I would anticipate a good chance of skin cancers in the future which could have some devastating consequences. Click here to see that!

Stay out of the sun everybody! (Or at least use good sunblock)

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Ana said...

Holy melanoma. He and Donatella Versace need total body laser treatments and peels.

Anonymous said...

For someone who is 73, I think he looks pretty good. Yes, he has sun damage and we should all wear sun screen but really, at that age, do you really think he cares?