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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ryan Gosling - Rhinoplasty?

Has Ryan Gosling had a rhinoplasty? According to he has recently denied having the bump on his nose shaved down, but the photos on appear to show otherwise. However, according to his rep,
"It's ridiculous. There is no truth to it."

His nose looks pretty darn good from here, and much smaller than the 'before' photo.

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Carmen said...

I don't understand why he's denying it. It's not like the pictures from his past instantly disintegrated after his surgery. It's such a drastic difference there really is no denying it, kind of like Ashlee Simpson. I saw the before picture and thought "Oh yeah I remember that guy" Then I saw his after and I seriously, before I saw the side by side, had thought that he was a completely different actor. I liked his old nose, it gave him character, and with men, especially, it's the character in their faces that makes them good actors. Little girl noses on men takes away their masculinity and cuts the roles they could have played in half.