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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marie Osmond : A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Plastic?

Marie Osmond is making news lately for fainting on live TV last night during Dancing with the Stars. She made waves a few years ago sporting what appeared to be a browlift. In the second photo you can see that her brow is excessively elevated, a possible consequence of a recently performed browlift. It appears to have settled down quite a bit over time, and looks pretty good now. Some of my endoscopic browlift patients look a bit over-elevated in the initial postoperative period, but never to the extent that we saw with Marie Osmond. It's possible that her surgeon may have released some of the fixation to her browlift (allowing it to drop) after the public backlash against her appearance.
I hope her health is fine after her abrupt face plant on TV last night. I don't watch the show regularly, but have always been partial to Jane Seymour. She looks fantastic! Not an ounce of Botox on her beautiful face! She looks almost as good as she did in that great classic movie filmed here in Michigan, Somewhere in Time.
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Anonymous said...

C'mon! Jane has no botox? I find that hard to believe. Let alone other facial restoring procedures.

Anonymous said...

well, look at this photo, anonymous sure doesn't look like she's had any botox to me!

Anonymous said...

whoops! my html didn't's the link to copy and paste. sorry!

Anonymous said...

I think that photo of Marie was photo-shopped or "age-enhanced", it wasn't real. She went from being on TV and looking great, to old and wrinkly and browlifted in what, one year? And now she is gorgeous again.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix ugly. Sorry, but her egomaniacal personality on Dancing with the Stars was unbearable. What is with these stars that act like teenagers when they're with a good-looking ballroom instructor. It's enough to make me wanna puke.

dancingfan said...

Jane Seymore admitted in an interview on national tv during the running of "Dancing With The
Stars" that she has had "several" cosmetic surgeries but that she "does not choose to discuss them with the public". She also stated that she was "not pleased with the results". Why speculate when the answer came from the horses mouth?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the comments. Dancing Fan, this post was put up prior to her 'coming out' with plastic surgery confirmations.