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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Awful Plastic Surgery Getting Sued for Libel?

The Awful Plastic Surgery website has posted a letter from the attorney for Hunter Tylo, threatening a lawsuit for alleged libel after the site posted photos of her and her breasts.
Awful Plastic Surgery is asking for any input from attorneys who may be able to help them with this unfortunate circumstance. If you are an attorney and would like to give your two cents, feel free to email them or leave a comment on this site.

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Find My Surgeon said...

Even with that enormous disclaimer at the very top and forefront of the website?!

That's really too bad.

This has happened to some other bloggers (example:

The blogger at Awful Plastic Surgery should contact them to see what the result of their case was.

Anonymous said...

What?! That really sounds stupid. Once she gets out everyone will be able to see the issue. It's no secret once you are a celebrity.

Anonymous said...

They should contact Ent the hollywood lawyer at:

I'm pretty sure he'd know what to do.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Sorry to do this, but I am removing posts which are negative towards Ms. Tylo.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely weak of you to delete negative comments about Tylo. So disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote that letter is not from any searchable law firm and is probably just trying to intimidate our noble purveyor of entertaining opinion. But truth is a defense--girl does have shelf boobs!

Monet' said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. I hate when celebs try to bully people and infringe upon their rights. APS's comments were not slander or libel. Although they did suggest that Hunter’s breasts "may" be enhanced, they never directly stated that she “does” have implants. The only direct comments that stated that she's had cosmetic surgery came from the viewer not the APS blogger.

By popular demand, I present to you soap actress, Hunter Tylo. Requests for her to be featured topped those of even Bree Walker. I don't believe that anyone besides Stevie Wonder would describe Hunter Tylo's seemingly enhanced bosoms as 'proportional'. Indeed, they jut out like a shelf and look strangely out of place on her small petite frame.

That is not slander; it’s an opinion; although I’d argue that it is a fact because anyone can see that Hunter Tylo looks a horrid mess. APS was simply exercising their Freedom of Speech and rightly so. Hunter should not be angry at them for telling the truth. She should be mad at herself for allowing a wacky surgeon to place those balls on her chest.

Anonymous said...

She has always been a plastic surgery face: that is a nose job! Now she looks like a Kelly LeBrock wanna be. But her breasts really look like a shelf and you could set your Coke on them it would stay put.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know I've heard the name Hunter Tylo before, only because it is unusual. But it's a vague thing - years ago? Can't place her with any movies or shows. I don't recognize her face, either. Shrug.

She should probably thank this site for the free publicity. I might have to Google her now.