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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Radio Contest for Free Breast Implants - Tasteless

There is a fantastic post on Dr. Rob Oliver's Plastic Surgery 101 blog on a radio station's contest where the winner receives free breast implants. Apparently the contestants must spend the night at a radio station-sponsored slumber party and the "girl that parties the hardest" wins. And who do you think will do the surgery?

A board-certified plastic surgeon? Nope.
A non-board-certified plastic surgeon? Naw.
Some type of surgeon? Not even.
Someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night? Not quite.

He's an Emergency Room physician who has become a cosmetic surgeon. Oh, and he's currently on probation.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery consider giving away plastic surgery in a contest as a violation of ethics. I agree with this. While we often consider the subject of celebrity plastic surgery as entertainment, plastic surgery is indeed serious and should never be taken lightly by the people who have it or the people who do it. Those in the lay media are responsible to do their homework on anyone whom they recommend as a surgeon. The people who spend a lot of money on advertising are sometimes the ones who are least able to perform the surgeries properly.

Story link:, plasticsurgery101 blog

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6 comments: T-Shirts said...

Haha, yeah that is in pretty bad taste. $7.99 T-Shirts

Anonymous said...

Stuff like that isn't illegal in some way? What the hell... o_O

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

Thanks for the props, Tony!

Anonymous said...

I have one better on this. A local club in our region had a contest to search for the girl most in "need" of a breast implant. Patrons would vote for the contestant with the flatest chest who would win the money to get implants. After complaints from women's groups, they defended their contest on the grounds that the less endowed girls never get to win the other contests (i.e. bikini contests) and this gave them a chance to win something.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

The story I highlighted shows both a lack of taste on part of the radio station as well showing some real flaws in the states regulatory process in re. to scope of practice issues.

This is an ER doctor promoting himself as surgeon which is a ludicrous suggestion by anyone's imagination

Anonymous said...



How depressing is it to live in the US as a woman?