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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Britney Spears - Liposuction?

As if she hasn't had enough negative publicity lately, this photo of Britney Spears has been circulating the internet, presumably showing lumpiness of the abdomen from bad liposuction. While her abdomen may look a bit lumpy in this photo, I would bet that (like Paris Hilton's recent "breast augmentation") this is just due to lighting, shadows, and a bit of loose skin from having two children. Time will tell.

I hope Britney continues to get help for her psychological issues. She is a very talented entertainer who needs to avoid the spotlight for a while and get back to what should be most important in her life: her children.

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iry said...

hope to see her body back to MTV old days..


Your friend said...

I think that photo is fake. I don't believe it's her body in it.