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Saturday, April 26, 2008

How things change...

Here is a great ad from the 1970's which shows just how much things change. "Young looking skin tomorrow??!!" Today we believe that damage from the sun's rays are the leading cause of premature aging, possibly followed by the effects of smoking. Hereditary influences have a large part, too.

Thanks to a great site, Cosmetic Makeovers, for the image.

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Anonymous said...

OK so yes, I tanned myself crisp in the 70's. And yes, I have changed my ways and now use sunscreen like it's my job; but my arms, legs and hands are covered with fine wrinkles. Any suggestions as to how to lessen their appearance? (I'm 38 years young!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, very funny. I know there were different ideals back then, but really, the POINT of the add seems to be that you should wear sunscreen so you don't BURN, and therefore retain better skin as you age - which isn't silly advice. The ad is obviously NOT saying that you should get a really dark tan to preserve your skin. In the times of "Miss Hawaiian Tropic" skin, this ad was actually a good thing.