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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Buzz Aldrin Has a Facelift

Buzz Aldrin has admitted to having a facelift in a recent issue of Time magazine. When asked why he decided to get a facelift at the age of 77, he answered:

It's kind of funny, but I've been exposed to a lot of G-forces as a fighter pilot and in space. That caused a sagging jowl that needed some attention.

I'm not sure about the exact date of the surgery, but the photo here is from July 10, 2007. I guess it would be before his facelift.

I believe you can never be too old for plastic surgery, just too unhealthy. I'd rather operate on a healthy, non-smoking 77 year old than an unhealthy 55 year old.

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Cary said...

I have heard that many pilots receive plastic surgery because of the G forces that Buzz is talking about. A friend of mine's father is an airline pilot and has had a face lift.

Markie said...

How many has his wife had?

Anonymous said...

This picture is definitely taken before the surgery. Just google for recent pictures - he looks all stretched.
And his wife really looks scary.