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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Matt Dillon Rhinoplasty

Good Plastic and have displayed these photos of Matt Dillon's supposed rhinoplasty. Looks like a nice job to me.
One thing I learned during my time in Beverly Hills is that a very large number of Hollywood stars have had their noses done. This is probably the most common plastic surgery among celebrities, with the possible exception of liposuction. Most noses look pretty darn good (Ashlee Simpson), a few have been ill advised (Jennifer Grey), and some are downright hideous (Courtney Love).

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Anonymous said...

Very nice masculine nose. Looks good. What I cannot stand are tiny noses on craggy male faces. They look silly.
Matt looks steamy and dominant. T-Shirts said...

Interesting. I never would have guessed.

Anonymous said...

He wants to look like Mitt Romney?
Curious choice.

hott said...

does not fit his face anymore from the frontal view throws off facial symmetry-fine/great in side profile but dead on looks too thin "golden ratio"
is skewed.